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1. Town:

The Town is the most obvious place in Club Penguin. This is where you usually end up when logging in or just starting the game. As you see when your actually on Club Penguin, you will see three buildings. Coffee Shop (left side), Night Club (middle), and Gift Shop (right side). In the Coffee Shop, penguins will be happy to serve you Coffee and Drinks. Upstairs is where you can play a game called Manacalla. The Night Club is an awsome Dance Arena with a Dj table, lots of speakers and a Hidden door to go down to the Boiler Room. Also when you go upstairs, you will be in the Lounge. Tables and chairs and two arcade games with the name of “Astro Barrier” and “Thin Ice.” And the last building is the Gift Shop. Where penguins buy all their items to show off their look. When ever you see penguins with clothing items on, that’s where they get them.

2. Plaza:

The Plaza is also a place with three buildings. Puffle Store (left side), Theater (middle), and the Pizza Parlour (right side). If the Puffle Store, you will see two catalogs at the bottom right of the screen. One for Puffle Items, and one for adopting a Puffle. For non-members of Club Penguin, they will only have a chance to buy a Red and blue Puffle. As for members, they will have a chance to buy any kind of Puffle they like. The colors come in: Yellow, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, and Pink. At the other catalog show on the bottom right of the screen will be for Puffle items. for example: Beds, Feeders, Toys and more.

3. Dock:

The Dock is another common and obvious place in Club Penguin. This is usually where people hang out, sit and talk, just like me. And also a good place for finding rare penguins and famous penguins. you will only get good luck with finding them in the worlds: Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. To tell is a penguin is famous is by their clothing items and most definitely the Pin. (collectors items, the only way someone can tell how rare you are). The Dock also features a Mini Game called Hydro Hopper. (Originally called Ballistic Biscut until the news paper voted for a different name).

4. The Mountain:

Nothing like a good tubing game down a giant hill! The Mountain only features only 1 game called Sled Racing. There are four courses you can go on to test your winning abilities. The first track and the most easiest is Bunny Hill. The second is called Express. The third one is Penguin Run. And last but not least is Ridge Run. Their not really that hard once you get used to Club Penguin.

5. Ski Village:

Ski Village is the way to get to the Mountain (instead of using your spy phone or map). It also includes a Ski Lodge, where you can Play a game of Ice Fishing and Find Four. Or you can just relax and hang out with friends. And then the Sport Shop. Another place where penguins buy clothes and sporting goods. Like surf boards, backrounds and other things.

6. Ice Rink:

The Ice Rink is a little bit non-popular place, but good for challenging you and your friends a game of Ice Hockey. Just walk your penguin over the puck and will go in the direction your penguin is going.

7. Snow Forts:

The Snow Forts are a place where you can have snowball fights with people and this place also hold the PTZ (Penguin Time Zone) This giant clock tells you what time it is in “penguin land” In other words: just in Club Penguin. As you may notice that the time was set a little off so it won’t be “exact” time.

8. Beach:

The Beach, Home of the LightHouse. Also a place where a very special visitor comes every two months! His name is Rockhopper. Almost everyone in Club Penguin talks about him and is one of the the most famous penguins in Club Penguin. Everytime he comes with his ship he parks is at the Beach and has a bunch of new items and you can also read his Journal at the bottom of the screen when your on the ship. He is an actual penguin  like anyone else, but it’s hard to find him. When his ship is docked, he sometimes logs in and goes through every server so everyone will get a chance to meet him. He also gives away free items when you click on his player card.

9. Dojo:

The Dojo is one of Club Penguins Secret rooms around the island. It is the best hidden place you will find. Though, there is nothing to do there. It’s just an empty room. The only major things that have gone on in there was the Lime green members only party and penguin wars.

10. Mine Shack:

This is also one of Club Penguins hidden places, but pretty easy to find. When you get here, you will see a smal building. When you go inside you will see a cave and will see a tunnel with cart tracks. When you walk twords is you will be able to play a game called Cart Surfer. The most fastest, easy-money making game in Club Penguin.

11. Igloo symbol.

This is not an area in Club Penguin. But when you click on the little igloo symbol on the map, you will see a list of people’s igloos that are open. This is only members igloo’s though. If you would like to open your igloo, just go to your house and then click on the Lock and say yes to open your igloo.

12. The Cove:

The Cove is a new place in Club Penguin. This is a place has a fire pit and a beach you can swim in. Also another mini-game called Catchin’ Waves. A surfboard game. When you go and buy a surf board at the Sport Shop and wield it, go start playing the game then you will use that board in the game.

13. Forest:

Another empty room in Club Penguin, but also a well decorated room when it come to parties just like the Town. It’s good for a game of hide and seek, or tag. But I don’t know what else to say about this place!

14. Ice Berg:

The last place to talk about here is the Ice Berg. Again, another empty room but also very exiting. It is sometimes decorated for parties but not all the time. There are also rumors about tipping the Ice Berg. Some say it can some say it can’t. The people that say it can’t are right. The people who say it can are noobs. Why? Because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Here are pictures of all the outside rooms in Club Penguin, just click on the image for full size. (arranged in random order)



Ski Village:


Ice Burg: (construction mode)


Snow Forts:








Mine Shack:






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  25. how do you get to your igloo if you are not a member?

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  26. It is just that club penguin is not that fun. All you get to do is walk around, talk to people, become a member, become a tour guide, and a secret agent. I know it sounds like a lot of things to do, but it is still getting really boring. So please tell me what other websites are like club penguin and are free.

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