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July 25, 2008

Music Festival!

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Well, with Disney’s HUGE budget, the party is a SUCCESS!  Though they brought a ton of stuff back, its forigable because of all of the new music, and other stuff!  Lets start with the free items!

Go to the Cove for the returning Maracas! 

Go to the Plaza for the brand new Music Festival Shirt!

Now, if you are a member, you are in luck!  Head to the Plaza for some awesome buys!

The best item to pick up is the Backstage pass!  Once you get it, head to the Dock and go to the Backstage!  At the bottom left, check out some awesome buys!

The decor is AWESOME!  Head to the Iceburg to check out the Penguin Band!

Also, head over to the Night Club and play the new game!

You get to make your own rocking DJ Mix!  Its not a high earning game, buts it is a BLAST for ppl looknig for a tune!  Well, thats all for now!  Be sure to check out the Lighthouse, it rulez!  Until next time,




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