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October 26, 2007

Halloween party!!!

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Hello penguins,

This years H’ween party is different because of the candy hunt and new item. The new pin by the way is in the underground pool next to the windows.


 And the locations for a 8 treats are listed as follows:

Before you start finding out where those treats are, you need a basket first. Go to the snowforts, there will be a box of Pumpkin baskets.


And for the treats:

1.The first treat is in the pizza shop on one of the pipes on the organ.


2. The second one is in the coffee shop, click on the bowl of candy and the treat will be in side.


3. The third treat is in the forest in one of the holes in the tree on the bottom left corner.


4. The forth one is in the Beacon, south of the launch pad there will be a life ring with the candy in it.


5. The fifth treat is in the Ski Lodge in the fish’s eye on top of the orange couch.


6. The sixth treat is in the dance club, click on the green puffle on top of the speaker and this thing should come up. It asks you a question, the answer is ”Happy Halloween.”


7. The seventh treat is on the top of the mountain, click on the scarecrow in the middle and the candy bar should pop out on the bottom of it.


8. And finally the eighth treat, to find it go to the cove and click on the binoculars next to the lifeguards chair and wait a little while and an octopus should come by and have the last treat in its hand.


Untill then…

Waddle on!


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