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March 31, 2007

New Mission

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The new mission of the missing coins is here these are the steps:


Talk to the green penguin and he’ll tell you all about what happened. Tell him to close the safe and open it again. He will lose the combination.


Go up the the office and scroll around till you see a couch. Click under it and get the boot disk and the clip. Scroll left and click on the computer screen. Put the boot disk in it and click the power button. Click on my files and click combination. (You should right this down) Go back downstairs and put in the combination.

Teleport to the HQ and talk to G, get the right key (use code) go back to the office and use the key on the roof door.


When your on the roof, take the fur from the vent. Then go to your spy phone, click on the rench and use it on the Powa Box. When it opens, use the clip inside it and it will get destroyed.


Go back to the HQ and show the fur to G. Go to the Night Club and put on your Night-Vision Goggles. Go down to the boiler room and click on the fuse box. Get all the buttons green, no red and the power will go back on.

6) Go back to the HQ and you have finished the Mission. Get the rewards and your all set.


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